We are committed to providing a Safe Work Environment that promotes safety, employee welfare and growth opportunities. Ours highest priority is the Safety of our employees. Our objective ‘SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS’ is to operate without any fatalities or significant incidents.

Safety Culture

A safety culture goes beyond policies and procedures. Instead of relying on regulatory compliance and disciplinary action as motivators, it shares the responsibility of creating a safer work environment across the workforce.

Through training, empowerment, and reminders, all Vijay Cements employees will learn how to take responsibility for their own safety and be proactive in promoting safety among their colleagues. This approach to safety puts the control in employees’ hands, forging a partnership necessary to create Vijay Cements’ safety culture. Some of our activities relating to safety awareness are:

 Basic Firefighting Training

 Conducting Regular Mock Drills

 First Aid Training

 Supply of PPE

 Regular Safety Workshops by Well Trained Professionals

 Conducting National Safety Week

Our Safety Strategy

Operating in a safe and responsible manner is a core value and an integral part of what sets Vijay Cements apart. Our safety strategy revolves around our “Do It Right” value and permeates our business in three key ways:
1. Robust systems that provide a clear, repeatable direction toward excellence.
2. Superior performance that aligns effective and efficient EHS activities with operations.
3. Engaged culture that empowers consistent behaviors that drive toward excellence.

Our commitment to safety never takes a day off. Rigorous training, drills, audits, cooperation with emergency responders and local officials, recognition programs and participation in industry safety initiatives help keep our focus on what it takes to Do It Right.